The Memory of Water by J.T. Lawrence

35901776Title: The Memory of Water
Author: J.T. Lawrence

Format: Audiobook (Audible)
Read/listened: August 4 - 9, 2017
Genre: Thriller; Black Humor (is that a genre, or just preferred reading?)
Mareli's rating: 3.5 Stars (loved the story, didn't care for the narration much)
Recommend to: If you find Jay Gatsby an intriguing character, you will have a field-day with Slade Harris
Slade Harris will do anything for a story, including murdering the woman he loves. Slade doesn’t think twice about jumping out of a plane or conducting disastrous love affairs to gather material for his work, but his self-indulgent life is catching up with him. Stumbling through his late thirties hopeless and a little drunk, Slade has a dazzling, dangerous idea which will change his life forever. It’s going to be Slade’s ultimate story ... and all he’s hoping for is to survive it. Goodreads

We've all heard the theory:

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I am such a sucker for conspiracy theories, murder mysteries, Cluedo boardgames, Dallas, Twin Peaks.... You get the picture. And obviously J.T. Lawrence also got the picture. And she did so not disappoint me!

Jay Gatsby kills Hemingway in the library with a porcelain knife and they chat about it over a drink while picking up ladies in a dodgy bar. 

Yes, that is exactly what is happening in this enticing story by one of the most versatile authors I've ever had the pleasure to read. Wait, that makes me sound like a gypsy fortune teller. Let's try again: Whose work I had the pleasure to read. 

I came across this beautiful South African author a couple of months ago. I know, I know - how is it possible that I haven't devoured all her books years ago? I am convinced that I was withheld these books by somebody or a secret organisation who wished me ill book-health. No other explanation can be plausible.  

I've bought The Memory of Water along with all Janita's other books after I've exposed the vindictive party who withheld these books from me (Although I have no idea how I managed that). When Janita send a request for reviews for the audio recording of The Memory of Water, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. 

Download Audible. Check
Download The Memory of Water (make sure it's the one by J.T. Lawrence. Yes, there are more than one book by that title). Check
Pick a new color-by-numbers. Check
Sharpen pencils. Check
Pour a glass of wine. Just bring the bottle. Check
Press play. Check

Now I am not very good with audiobooks. Yet. I have listened to a couple of the classics on Librivox and that is okay, because if you lose a chapter or two, you haven't missed much. And if you don't like the narrator, you can easily switch to another reader. And I am Afrikaans first language, so no, I do not realize when a word might be mispronounced. Actually, more than once I've realized that I have mispronounced some words for years. In public. In well-to-do company. 

So maybe it wasn't the best idea to listen to a South African book read by a non-South African narrator. Although Austin Moran had a very good type-cast voice for Slade Harris, he might have benefited to grasp the pronunciation of certain South African words and phrases. My opinion. No conspiracy against Austin Moran III. 

I so wish that I've read this book before I've listened to it. I am sure that it would have been a solid 4.5 star rating from me. This story is a roller coaster ride. Full of twists and turns and loops and screaming people. Even the occasional motion sickness makes an appearance (although it might be a bit more the morning after). And then of course there is the ending. Whoo hoo!! What a ride.

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Yes, Janita can definitely be toasted for this one. Bravo bravo!



  1. Wow sounds good! Glad you enjoyed it. Audio is hit or miss for me because I get distracted, but I think getting the right narrator is a deal too. And sounds like a lot is going on in this one!!

    1. Hi there! You should really try one of JT. Lawrence's books Greg. If there is someone I think who will enjoy her work, it is you.

      I have taken that 3 month trial thingy on Audible, will see how it goes....

  2. Narration can definitely ruin a book if it isn't right. This sounds really good with all kinds of stuff going on. You have me intrigued!

    1. Hello! I enjoy the Librivox recordings... Not used to Audible yet. But I will try a bit more...!


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