It's Monday. Day one.

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So many Mondays have passed since I last partook in this meme. I might as well make today Day one and not just One day.

It's Monday! What are you reading? This weekly feature is hosted by Bookdate and it's a great way to get your reading week sorted. All you need to do is: 

  • Tell us what you are currently reading
  • What did you finish reading last week
  • What do you plan on reading next
  • Add your link to the linky provided by your host
  • Visit the other bloggers who also deal with terrible Mondays, but still find the time to prioritize their reading schedules
  • Make sure to read really awesome books in order to increase the above mentioned bloggers' stress levels by adding even more books to their TBR list
  • Stop whining and get reading 

Recently Finished:

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Now that is a really boring title. Nothing much to say concerning the story-line either. I won't recommend this one. I know somewhere during the passed 4 months I've read The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks, if that counts at all. 

Currently Reading:


The mirror crack'd from side to side by Agatha Christie This is a re-read and not the first time either. There's just something about this title and the whole plot around this story that really touches me at the moment. Sometimes life just freezes you for a couple of moments and you are left with nothing more than a dreaded look on your face. Quite similar to The Lady of Shalott yes. 

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Marina Gregg as portrayed by: Elizabeth Taylor, Claire Bloom and Lindsay Duncan

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Cross my heart hope to read: 

20974487 32671360

Fish of the Seto Inland sea Ruri Pilgrim I borrowed this one from my mother-in-law. Lovely cover and an even lovelier title. Don't really know what it's about however. Will keep you posted. 

The Yellow Envelope by Kim Dinan I need a bit of yellow. This one has been on my Netgalley shelf for way to long and luckily it is almost time for the release date. Might as well read and review it now. 

That's it from me today. I still need to sort out my reading schedules for 2017. *Gasp*. Life goes on and so does reading schedules and blog posts. Day one. Done.

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