Friday Meets - 12 May 2017

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My goodness - it's Friday again. Time sure flies lately, but are we having fun? As long as there's a book lying on your bedside table and a kindle in your bag, of course we are!

Meet me on Friday @ Friday 56 for a bit of Book Blogger Hop to kick-start the weekend with Book Beginnings.

Friday 56 is hosted by Freda's Voice. For this date, you will need the following:

  • Grab a book (Yes, any book. But it might get you to your other Friday activities a bit quicker if you just grab the book you are currently reading)
  • Turn to page 56 or 56% on your e-reader
  • Find a sentence or two (your other Friday activities might determine this)
  • Post it!
  • Remember to post your link on Freda's Voice and to visit the other guys in the linky.
  • And don't forget to list the title of the book and the author as well.
A couple of weeks ago, I featured a South African book, Why you were taken by J.T. Lawrence. Man, you need to read that book. One word. Awesome. And the best part of all is that the second book in the series, How we found you, will be released next week! 


35107691"All of those in agreement that the accused, Mack Lundy, is innocent of murder, please register your vote now." 
The jurors all look down at the remotes in their hands and tap buttons. Four spinning green votes go up on the holoscreen.
"And those who agree that he is guilty, please vote now."
Five red points on the board.

Imagine if that will be the future of jury duty! 

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Love it! I am almost done with the book, I'll hologram my review (oh that's not the right word? Sorry.... technosaurus here)

Let's join Gilion @ Rose City Reader now for Book Beginnings. Every Friday we share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author’s name.

Still with How we found you (This series is really great guys. Read it)

Kate looks up from her holoscreen and blinks hard. How long has she been online? She only meant to look up a recipe for a quick dinner but has fallen into a rabbit hole quilled with xlinks. The open tab leaves all nipping for attention. Animated 4DHD in hypercolour floating before her - or as Seth calls it: Rainbow Crack. 

Not everything in that opening paragraph is futuristic. We already fall down the rabbit hole when we just quickly want to look up a recipe. Or search for reviews. Or books. 

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As always, I will also be joining the Book Blogger Hop hosted by Ramblings of a coffee addicted writer. Every week they will pop a question that you need to answer. Post your answer to your blog, enter your post to the linky provided, make yourself a cup of coffee and go visit the other blogs in the list. 

Today's questions: If you read a book you ended up hating, would you stay away from future books by that author, or would you give them a second chance?

My Answer: Seeing that I am on jury duty here today: If the defendant is an author I've never read before, I will most probably press the red button and send him/her to eternal damnation. 

If the defendant is an author that I have read before and enjoyed, I'll most probably press the green button and give him/her a second chance. 

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Talk to me! -  What's your verdict? And what are you reading over the weekend?


  1. Fun jury duty theme today. And I love the quote at the beginning.

    I'm supposed to be reading World War Z for a challenge. Really, I'm enjoying your blog instead.

    1. Hi Roberta! Thanks for your kind words! So glad my blog can bring you better entertainment than World War Z.... LOL!!

      Happy weekend.

  2. I can sure relate to that opening! I go online for just one thing and hours later ....
    My Friday post features The Secret Wife.

    1. I know! I don't even try to tell my husband I'm just quickly going to look at my comments..... It takes hours!!

      Thanks for stopping by and I've heard of the Secret Wife, will quickly have a look.

  3. That beginning paragraph is just life - present and future! Those rabbit holes are dangerous! I won't immediately write an author off if I don't like the first book but honestly - I probably won't be reading another one because they'll just get lost in the pile.

    1. Hallooo! Ditto ditto ditto - to everything you've just said!

      Happy weekend Katherine!

  4. Hi Mareli,

    I wouldn't typically choose to read books from this genre, however the premise of both books is strangely appealing to me and I can definitely relate to the 'rabbit hole' syndrome!

    If I read a book I really hated, which I have to add isn't very often thankfully, I guess I would probably steer well clear of the author in the future. After all, there are just so many good books and authors out there, that there really isn't time to waste on the bad or mediocre!

    Great post this week, thanks for sharing :)


    1. Hi Yvonnne,

      Not my type of read either. I went through a phase where I really enjoyed futuristic and dystopia novels, but it passed rather quickly.

      This series is an exception to the rule though! Maybe I'm biased, because I'm South African - but this is worth the read.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Happy weekend!

  5. Glad you're enjoying your new read. Have a great weekend!

  6. So true- I already have the Internet rabbit hole thing down, thank you very much! lol

    And I sometimes give authors a second chance, it just depends on what I actually disliked about the first book, or whatever.

    Happy Friday!

    1. I can really imagine you going through the rabbit hole yes!! With all your great pictures and clips you always share - you have to spend hours down there...!

      You are actually right yes, it does depend on what I didn't like about the book. Good point.

      Happy weekend to you!

  7. I can see that in the future. Then the guilty have to run a maze or something. LOL

    My Friday 56 from Silver Threads

    1. Oh you should read these books. They have Crim-colonies. Where the guilty have to work. Real work. Blood sweat and tears. Love it!

      Thanks for stopping by Laura and have a good weekend!

  8. If it's an author I have read before, I will definitely read other books by that author. If it's a new author, it will depend on a few things.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you Chrissy and for stopping by!

      Happy weekend and hope you have enough spare time for a bit of reading!

  9. I would probably stay away from the author if I hated the first book I read by him/her. I hope you are enjoying your book.
    My Friday Quotes

    1. I have to agree with you yes....

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

  10. I always read courtroom related scenes very dramatically. Anyway they could make jury duty fun in the future or at least pay us well? Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    1. Oh I think if they ever really do use holograms in courtrooms, the entertainment might be enough payment. Then again - nah. I love a good courtroom drama (DRAMA - dramatic prose...), but I haven't read any really good ones lately. Any suggestions?

      Thanks for stopping by Alicia!

  11. I love the quote about our being the pilot. Clever and oh so true.

    And...your Blog Hop answer is quite clever as well. Love the jury comparison and the graphic.

    Thanks for sharing, and have a good weekend.


    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! One of my best friends' husband is a pilot and I was searching for something for her and came across that one. Might as well use it for the blog!

      Wishing you a great week ahead Elizabeth xoxoxo

  12. Oh, you're SO FUNNY, Mareli!! I LOVE your 'jury duty' approach!! Lol!!

    I totally agree with you -- if I've read an author's work before, and come across a book that's a TOTAL DUD, I will still give that author a second chance. However, if it's the very first time I read an author's work, I will be more wary before trying out another book they've written. VERY sensible approach!!

    That book you've picked for the other Friday memes sure looks interesting!! As a HUGE SF fan, I can tell you that I LOVE those selections!

    LOVE those GIFS!! HILARIOUS!!!! Lol.

    Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

    1. Hi Maria!

      So nice to "see" you! Thank you for your kind words. Ooooh you will love Why you were taken and How we found you! Hope you get to read it soon!

      Wishing you a great week ahead!

  13. That would be a more accurate way to get an opinion from them.... Sounds like a neat read. Happy weekend!

    1. Hi Freda! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you will have a good week!

  14. How We Found You does sound good! I am glad you are enjoying it.

    I don't like to judge an author by just one book generally, but bad writing might earn it a prison term.

    I hope you have a great week! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Wendy!

      Review will be up on Thursday (I hope!). So agree on the bad writing, that is a definite death sentence from my side as well.

      Hope you have a good week!

  15. I wasn't even thinking about authors I have already read when I write my blog post. I agree, if it is an author I have enjoyed before I will always read their next book. :)

  16. I think I'll be adding this to my tbr. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me


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