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My reading progress for the past week was a bit slow. Flue-season in SA and I got it. Thankfully I also got the most beautiful flowers from a wonderful friend. 
I'm still reading Come, thou tortoise by Jessica Grant. It is a lovely read with the loveliest characters. Especially Winifred. She is a tortoise yes, but I do so love her. So why don't I just finish it??  I'm just running through books at the moment. Very similar to a hare. Quite sure that Winifred will catch up with me. 

I've started When God was a rabbit by Sarah Winman on Sunday afternoon. Not exactly sure what is going on here yet, but so far it is an easy read and I'm looking forward to see what happens with Elly and Jenny Penny. 

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As I'm typing this, I suddenly realize I am reading about a Tortoise and a Hare. Will definitely keep you posted on who won the race! The funniest part of all, this was NOT intentional. 



What's the use of a 'reading schedule' if it's not to not follow your reading schedule? This book is not on my April library card, but it has been on my kindle for a few months. I started with The name of the rose by Umberto Eco, the book that I should be reading - if only I was in the habit of sticking to schedules. I will finish that one too. Eventually. I've heard and read plenty of excellent reviews for The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce, so far I believe the raving reviews might be valid. 
'Life was very different when you walked through it.'

Audio (Librivox)


This book has been on my TBR list for ages and is also on my "listed" books for 2016. This is one of the novels on Librivox where some of the chapters are read by different readers. For me as a listener, I don't always like that. Especially if some readers are just better readers than others. Like Sandra G, that girl is very good!  But it's still fun book to listen to. It is an art to use a bit of word play to portray the simplest of events with so much wit and humor. Hats of to Jerome K. Jerome.


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