InkStains August 2016

Seeing that August's Library Card was taken under siege (Take the books hostage), I guess I don't have to phone a negotiator this month. (The fact that the hostage situation has still not been resolved is completely irrelevant to this post. Please follow September Library Card (still need to be drafted though)).

No negotiations were brought to the table, except the one or two Netgalley reviews that were due in August (one is still unresolved as well). Maybe this is a bit of a hostile environment at the moment. Let's rather talk about the books that did manage the Great Escape.

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Four rather diverse reads, but all four were well worth their hostage negotiations. Should you wish to negotiate any further with any of them, one click on the selected cover will take you to the less hostile world of Goodreads. I've reviewed all four on Goodreads, but only Salt to the Sea and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child made it onto the blog. (I need to work on my negotiation skills, I am aware of that)

Kindle and Netgalley

InkStain of the month

This is a difficult choice today. Anna and the King of Siam was not my favorite book of the month, but it definitely was my favorite review. I loved The King and I the musical and it was lovely to stroll down memory lane. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, very much the same reason. I did enjoy it, but mostly enjoyed catching up with old friends. I guess that leaves: 


And I'm happy with that choice. It was a wonderful read. 

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Thalk to me!

What did you read in August? 
What is on your Library Card for September?


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