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Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly link-up/meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish  where they provide a prompt and other lovers of list-making (me! me! me!) join in with their own top ten list. Feel free to have less than 10 or more if you need to at times and put a spin on the topic if you need to. Just please link back to The Broke and the Bookish  if you are participating. Link up with your BLOG POST (not your blog) in the linky provided and remember to pay it forward! 

Today's theme for Top Ten Tuesday is A TV themed topic. I had a gazillion ideas for this one:

  • My Top Ten Favorite TV shows (for real)
  • What to read if you like this or that TV show
  • The book was a better show
  • The show was better than the book
  • Bad type casting
  • Good type casting
  • WTF is going on in....?
  • Why don't they make stories like .... anymore?
All those topics just made me feel confused and LOST. Light Bulb! Lets just talk about: (the fact that this was my favorite TV series in forever is completely besides the point)

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We all know the story: Plane crashed down on deserted island. Strewn between all the debris, are stacks of books for the survivors to read. See why it really is very, very important to always take a book along on a plane journey? What else are you going to do when you crash on an island? If you are lucky enough to survive, you might as well drag one of those comfy (not) airplane seats closer, use a piece of the fuselage for shade, and get reading. 

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Ten Eleven Books Lost and luckily found by Sawyer: 

Image result for Sawyer reading Are you there God, it's me Margaret 2402523

Image result for Sawyer reading Are you there God, it's me Margaret 117980

378975 Image result for Sawyer reading a wrinkle in time

Image result for sawyer reading in Lost gif 76620

890229 Image result for sawyer reading watership down

Image result for sawyer reading fountainhead 225221

446875 Image result for Sawyer reading of mice and men

Image result for sawyer reading in Lost gif 94486

For the rest of these, I couldn't find pictures of Sawyer actually reading them. But we know he did. He will never lie. Ever. 

Image result for Books read by Sawyer in lost

Image result for sawyer reading in lost


Thalk to me!

If you were stuck on a deserted island, would you read any of these?
What is or was your favorite TV show/series?


  1. I've read (and loved) almost all of these. Sawyer, you have great taste! I think I will look for Lancelot and The Invention of Morel when I get a chance. Funny to think a tv character recommended books to me.

    I love your take on this topic!

  2. Now that you mention it... A fictional character is telling us what to read!How awesome! Glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I never finished Lost! I really enjoyed the show (Sawyer especially), but I lost interest. Love your topic choice though! 😀

    1. Thanks! We've binge watched Lost. And Sawyer was actually an idiot, but I loved his reading style...


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