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Cover Characteristics is a weekly meme hosted by Sugar and Snark. Every week they give us these gorgeous themes and then you have to pick 5 covers featuring that theme. If you want to participate: 
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Greetings! We've picked up a tiny, tiny, tiny little kitten in the neighbor's garden a couple of weeks ago. I took him to the vet this morning and she doesn't think he is much older than 6 weeks (I know - aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh). My husband calls him "Stinkie". That roughly translates to Smelly Cat. Yea! I've got my own Smelly Cat. So today's Cover Characteristics will be dedicated to my brand new Smelly Cat. We'll get you some Perfume my boy. 

Not the easiest of book covers to find... But I did manage to find a few and even added one or two to my reading list.

My favorite Covers (yes, all 3. Okay, you choose):

23208065 26625494 31291543

Such beautiful covers! But I don't know if I want to read it though. Has anybody else read it and will you recommend it? 

But I know I will read the next ones:

16089247 1400099  12886063

The next one is great cover, but not my reading preference at all. 


There you have it. My selection of books featuring perfume on the cover. Please share your covers with me as well!

Wait! Before you go, let's all sing together for my brand new Smelly Cat:



  1. Hopefully your smelly cat won't stay smelly for too long! I'm sure he's a cutie even if he is smelly. So it turns out I love covers with perfume bottles because these are all amazing. I'm curious about The Perfume Collector and the Book of Lost Fragrances and that whole series at the top looks amazing!

    1. He's not smelly at all! It's just my husband who says so. I will be posting a new Book Travelling Thursdays later today, featuring Smelly Cat again. Stay posted!

      The Perfume Collector has been on my shelf for some time, don't know when I'll get to it, but I hope it's soon.

      Thanks for stopping by Katherine!

  2. Haha, do you sing Smelly Cat to him? I wanna see a picture though, he sounds cute!

    Wow, you did great at this topic! I didn't even think of the Sineater's Daughter covers. Those are gorgeous. You win the perfume topic lol. (I didn't even bother making a post because I had literally no covers.) And I agree that the pink in the last one is super pretty. The Book of Lost Fragrances is nice too.

    1. Oh Goodness no - I sound even worse than Phoebe when singing! The first day or two that we had him he was crying the whole time and he had one terrible voice! I wanted to call him Florence Foster Jenkins.... I will be posting another Book Travelling Thursdays later today and Smelly Cat will feature there again (thanks to you and yes, I will include a picture).

      Those covers of the Sineater's Daughter really is gorgeous! But I don't know if I want to read the books. Have you read them?

      Thanks for the visit Kristen!

  3. The Sin Eater's Daughter series looks awesome! Will have to add it to my list.
    Apologies for my absence, I'm back!
    Cover Characteristics


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