August Library Card - Take the books hostage

I love being part of the blogosphere. The past (almost) 4 months have been the most fun in ages. The only negative thing I can say (so far - don't make me regret this statement) is that I get distracted way to easily. (As if you haven't noticed)


Every month I spend hours on planning my Library Card. I make endless lists of the books I want to read for that month:
  • List all the books featured on the Goodreads Groups for that month
  • Bring all the new books in the Book Club home
  • Match books up with the 'Word of the month' featured in SA Booklovers
  • Find a book that matches the 'color challenge'
  • Highlight books to be read on the yearly challenge(s)
  • Go read

I was excellent at keeping to these lists. Until I started blogging. I didn't stick to my carefully drafted lists for one month since I've been sailing the 70 0000 seas of the blogosphere. I've turned into a greedy, screaming Queen and all I can say is: I want it all, I want it all - and I want it now!! (You do know that I'm talking about books here? Just checking).

This month I've decided I still want to be a screaming Queen, but not so greedy and to the rhythm of a different song. I'm giving myself a break and I am not scheduling any books. I take it one book at a time. 

In a previous post, I've mentioned my Book Club, My Book Club can read between the wines. We come together once a month to discuss books and drink wine. Okay, to drink wine and quickly glance at all the beautiful books displayed. And some of us read the books. I've only been with these ladies for about 18 months, so there are stacks of books I haven't read yet. We had Book Club last week and seeing that I didn't finish any of the books I took home with me last month, I've decided to take all the books hostage.

The only scheduling I did for this month, was arranging the books into three stacks. I call it The three stages of Book Club Books: 

Stage #1: So many books, so little time

Who am I trying to fool here? There's no way that I will be able to read all the books any time soon. Luckily, I don't want to read them all. There are a number of books in our Book Club I'm not particularly interested in reading. And you only have to read what you want. You eat and drink what is given to you, but on the books you have a choice. Maybe if I was stranded on an island somewhere and that particular crate happens to survive with me, I'll read them. But for now, they were set aside. 

Stage #2: Time well spend 

During the past 18 months, I've managed to finish a substantial stack of books and it does appear as if I really can read between the wines.  Most of the ladies take one or two books home every month, I take four to five. Yes, they do thrown upon me quite often. Normally I just offer some more wine and place another book in my basket.

Stage 3#: Tick-tock, Tick-tock, time's ticking here

And finally, the stack I still want to read before the end of the year when I'll have to wish these lovely books and ladies farewell. 

So for the month of August, I will only read printed books. No e-books, Kindle or Netgalley (except for ARC August). I am looking forward to reading some of these titles and hope to spend many lovely reading hours with them.

I am currently reading Shutter Man by Richard Montanari and I have no idea which one to read next. Luckily there are a number to chose from! Any one that catches your eye you would like to recommend?

What will you be reading in August? (Maybe you rather shouldn't tell me, that distraction problem you know.) 


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