Thursday Quotables #2 - That Cursed Book

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I haven't done a Thursday Quotable in weeks. Okay, actually I've only done it twice (counting this one....) I am more than a bit behind on catching up with my book quotes and book diary. There are a million little papers and notes lying around the house that can't wait to be eternalized by yours truly in ink (yes, I know they are already in ink - once, twice, three times over)

But enough excuses, I have that Cursed Book that I need to go finish. I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. Not? Here's a great teaser: 

"Those that we love never truly leave us Harry. There are things that death cannot touch. Paint ..... and Memory .... and Love."

Harry "I need your help. I need your advice. Bane says Albus is in danger. How do I protect my son, Dumbledore?"
Dumbledore "You ask me, of all people, how to protect a boy in terrible danger? We cannot protect the young from harm. Pain must and will come." 
Harry "So I'm supposed to stand and watch?"
Dumbledore "No. You're supposed to teach him how to meet life." 


Thalk to me!

Have you read that Cursed Book yet? 
What was your favorite quote or passage?



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