The Sunday Post - 07 August 2016

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This week's predominant event in my little corner of the world was the SA Local Government Elections 2016. It is a historic time in South Africa, leaving the ANC bruised and the DA galvanized.

A picture says a thousand words. This photo was taken in Port Elizabeth where a new dawn sure is breaking. 

But enough about that. I'm not one to talk politics, lets talk books! 

Featured Inkspots

Top Ten Tuesday

This week's Top Ten Tuesday was a real mouth full: "Ten books you would buy right this second if someone handed you a fully loaded gift card".   

Gosh no. That's too much for this over-occupied mind. I just shortened it to: 

Ten Books I bought right this second. And I really did. I can show you the receipts!

Cover Characteristics

I'm not being very successful with Cover Characteristics lately... I really enjoy doing it and had lots of fun joining Sheldon Cooper this week with Fun with flags, but with most democratic organisations - you have to give the people what they want. And my Cover Characteristics doesn't appear to be what the people want. I guess some you win and some you lose! 

Fun with Flags

Friday Meets

When I posted my Friday Meets post, I was convinced that I will be spending my long-weekend reading. Alas... Halfway through the long-weekend and I'm not even finished with the book I started last weekend.Social obligations you know... Luckily I still have tomorrow and Tuesday. Really do hope to start with Salt to the Sea.


Ooh, I have to remember to go visit Kayla for the Comment Challenge. 

I have also entered for ARC August and I am currently reading two books featured on that challenge. 

Received terribly sad news regarding the one book this morning. I am reading Blink Twice for Murder for Afrikaans author Johann Britz. It would have been his first English novel. Unfortunately Johann passed away on Friday night. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. 

The InkStained Library Card

I've posted my July wrap-up and my August Library Card. 

I will not get distracted by my TTT purchases.
I will not get distracted by my TTT purchases.
I will not get distracted by my TTT purchases.
I will not get distracted by my TTT purchases.
I will not get distracted by my TTT purchases.

What's happening this week?

Things are a bit crazy at the moment (more about that later), so I've decided I'm really much better off just not doing any planning at all. But promise to keep you posted on what does happen.

Wishing you all a great week ahead and happy reading! 



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