My First ........

As a by-the-way mention in my Sunday Post yesterday, today is my first quarter anniversary (and tomorrow is only a day away. There - yesterday, today and tomorrow - all in one sentence).  

Remember to treat yourself today - it's on me! In case you missed the various options, you can choose between:

  1. Buy as many sweets as you can for a quarter
  2. Go on a date with a quarterback
  3. Treat yourself to a quarter pounder
  4. Click, click, click and start following me (now that's a treat)

Aah no, don't mention it. 

You know what is the one thing greater than giving presents? 

Receiving presents!!

Three months is basically infancy. That means that everything I come across for the first time in the blogosphere is cause for: 

    • a stunned expression 
    • a happy dance 
    • jumping up and down
    • waking-up my husband with a "look look!! I have a comment!!!!!" (high-pitched, shrill voice accompanies this)

My first comment, my first follower, my first readathon ..... All these things are well remembered and I hope that I will forever remember where it is tucked away. 

So imagine how excited I was when I received my first ARC from a publisher.  I've mention in my Sunday Post that I was contacted by a publisher after posting last week's Cover Characteristics. Utter amazement!

The lovely Laura Stanfill (of course she has to be lovely, you aren't that kind and helpful and look like a hag), from Forest Avenue Press contacted my via Google+. You've got no idea how shrill and high-pitched the voice-that-woke-my-husband-up, was (the dog started howling). She mentioned that she is the publisher for Froelich's Ladder and would I like to have an ARC of this book? I mean really, do you ask someone if they want cake? 

After a few technology-based difficulties, I finally received my copy late last night. I know for many of you, this is no-biggy. But for me - this is big. I honestly thought it would take my ages, dark ones and wintery ones, before anybody would ask me to read a book for them. Not to mention a request for a book I actually really want to read. 


If I wasn't so technology challenged, I would have posted this cover in a gilded frame that sparkles. Can't wait to start reading and I solemnly swear to keep you posted. 

Special thanks to  Laura Stanfill at Forest Avenue Press and to Sugar and Snark for hosting Cover Characteristics. This week's theme is feathers and I will post mine late tomorrow or Wednesday morning.

What was your first ARC?
Can you still remember your first comment received?
And who was your first follower?

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and happy reading to you all!


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